The University of Tokyo and NTT DoCoMo (President Kaoru Kato, Tokyo) have begun clinical research to analyze the relationship between arrhythmia and lifestyle-related diseases using a smartphone app.Since it is known that arrhythmia is the cause of 3% of patients who develop cerebral infarction, it is useful for early detection of arrhythmia to prevent serious diseases and to improve the prognosis of diseases caused by arrhythmia. I want to.

 According to NTT DoCoMo, this clinical research is being carried out by a research group consisting of Assistant Professor Katsuhito Fujio and Professor Issei Komuro of the University of Tokyo Hospital.
The University of Tokyo and NTT DoCoMo have developed a smartphone app that captures the fluctuations of their own pulse numerically and manages them by themselves, utilizing the open source framework for medical research provided by Apple Inc. of the United States.

 In this clinical study, participants will be asked to use this smartphone app to record their pulse once a day for one year, while answering questions such as palpitation every one to two weeks.Based on that, the fluctuation of the pulse can be confirmed on the graph.
The measured pulse data is used as research data for analyzing the tendency of arrhythmia to occur, together with information such as the presence or absence of lifestyle-related diseases registered at the start of use.

 It was found that 3% of patients who developed cerebral infarction caused blood to stay in a part of the heart due to atrial fibrillation, which is one of the arrhythmias, and the blood clots generated by it were carried to the blood vessels of the brain and clogged. ing.If the link between arrhythmia and other lifestyle-related diseases becomes clear, it is likely to lead to the prevention of various diseases.

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