Under the supervision of the University of Tokyo Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Information Research Center, Survey Research Center Co., Ltd. conducted an "evacuation situation and needs survey" in the areas affected by the "28 Kumamoto Earthquake", where aftershocks continue.The survey results were released on May 2016, 2016.

 The survey period is from April 2016th to May 4st, 29.Targeted at victims aged 5 and over living in evacuation areas in Mashiki Town, from the foreshock on April 1 to the mainshock on 20th, evacuation behavior up to now, the degree of damage, living needs at evacuation areas, future We investigated the intention of living in Japan.Valid responses were 4 samples, of which Mashiki-cho residents were 14 samples.

 According to the survey, human damage was more than 1981% according to the old seismic standard (houses before May 5) when the foreshock occurred, and more than 2% of the houses collapsed according to the old seismic standard when the mainshock occurred.As for the communication methods used after the pre-earthquake, voice calls from mobile phones and smartphones (3%), emails (59.3%), and SNS such as Facebook and Line (28.4%) were always available. It can be seen that SNS was high at (19.3%) and became an effective means of communication in the event of a disaster.A similar tendency was seen after the mainshock.

 The top three inconveniences and dissatisfactions in evacuation life are laundry (3%), bath (55.4%), and insomnia (45.6%).Regarding support measures desired by the government, restoration of lifelines (electricity, water, gas, telephone, transportation, etc.) (41.0%), installation and occupancy of temporary housing (49.5%), assistance for the purchase of lost cars and household goods There are increasing demands for immediate improvement of living infrastructure and housing reconstruction, such as loans (47.1%), assistance for housing reconstruction and loans (40.4%).Detailed survey results are available on the Survey Research Center website.

Reference: [Survey Research Center Co., Ltd.] Survey results of SRC voluntary survey Evacuation status and needs survey in Kumamoto earthquake-stricken area (PDF)

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