Approximately 5 minutes of experimental video "URVAN" set in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture by Toei Animation Co., Ltd., with the cooperation of Nagasaki International University, will be released on YouTube (Toei Animation Official Channel), etc. in January 2021. It will be released in late.

 "URVAN" is an experimental video of about 5 minutes developed by "PEROs", a research and development initiative for new technology and original IP * at Oizumi Studio, which is the video production base of Toei Animation.It was produced in collaboration with Hitoshi Oba Laboratory, Department of International Tourism, Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Nagasaki International University, which is working on regional promotion in Sasebo.

 "URVAN" refers to the ancient Avestan word "Ulvane" around the 7th century BC, which is said to be the origin of "Obon", that is, "Urabone", and the content of the work is Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture. With the motif of Obon, which welcomes and sends out spirits on the stage, it is a mysterious and somewhat nostalgic cyberpunk action where "unusual" and "everyday" intersect.

 The "URVAN" project was started in the spring of 2020, but due to the movement restrictions caused by the corona, it became difficult for the "PEROs" team to conduct on-site coverage and location scouting in Sasebo.Therefore, within the constraints, I challenged to create an animation in Corona, which creates a new IP by utilizing new video expression and production method, and creates a new charm of the area without going to Sasebo even once. ..

 In video production, we challenged to create new IPs and pictures by combining the abundant "local resources" (landscapes, special products, culture, etc.) of Sasebo City with the elements of "cyberpunk" and "action".Furthermore, not only famous tourist spots such as Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort, but also "local resources" such as Sasebo Yokkamachi Shopping Street and Sasebo Soymilk, which are known only to locals, are picked up by students of the Oba seminar. We worked to realize "new IP development" and "strengthening regional brands" at the same time.In promoting the work, he collaborated with "Aoba Minato", a character produced by Oba Seminar, who is active on SNS as "Sasebo City Tourism Ambassador (unofficial)".

 "URVAN" will be released in full in late January 2021.In view of the spread of the new coronavirus, we will not announce it at events, etc., and in addition to broadcasting on YouTube (Toei Animation official channel), with the cooperation of Kyushu Tele Communications Co., Ltd., the local cable TV "TV" It is scheduled to be broadcast on "Sasebo".

* IP (Intellectual Property) is an intellectual property right such as a character's copyright or trademark right.

Reference: [Toei Animation Co., Ltd.]Corona's "Regional Creation x Industry-Academia Joint x New IP Development" Toei Animation's new IP research and development team "PEROs" produced an experimental video "URVAN" set in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture-Nagasaki International University With the cooperation, we will challenge new video expression and production methods within the constraints, and create a new charm of the region "without going to the site even once".

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