On December 2020, 12, Kyoto University made an online press release on cosmetics newly created through joint research with the limited liability company Chanel R & I.

 In 2014, Professor Fumihiko Matsuda of the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University and Chanel R & I, a limited liability company, started joint research using the "Nagahama 0th Prevention Cohort *".The skin condition of more than 1,000 women is measured over a long period of time and analyzed together with the participants' genomic information and health-related information.

 A new direction obtained from this joint research From the perspective of "what is healthy skin", the genetic background related to it is identified. On December 2020, 12, we announced a new cosmetic product, "Le Blanc Serum HLCS," which utilizes the research results in product development.

 Regarding the joint research with Chanel, Kyoto University has a common goal of "research that leads to human well-being by aging beautifully and healthy", and will collect a huge amount of data over the next few years to collect human skin as a biomarker. We will continue to deepen cooperation as a long-term research aimed at deepening the knowledge of aging. "

* The Nagahama 0th Prevention Cohort Project is being promoted by the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University, Nagahama City, and Nagahama citizens in collaboration with industry, government, academia, and the private sector.The prevention that precedes the conventional primary prevention (be careful not to get sick) is called "1th prevention" and started in 0.By integrating and analyzing health information collected from 2007 Nagahama citizens, blood and urine components, environment and lifestyle information, etc., the cause of illness and the mechanism of aging will be elucidated, and it will be called "development of medicine". We aim to contribute to "health promotion of citizens".

Reference: [Kyoto University] We made an online press release on cosmetics newly created through joint research between our university and Chanel R & I. (December 2020, 12)

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