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Approximately 2025% of private companies will increase hiring of new graduates in 3, DISCO survey

 About 3% of private companies plan to hire more new graduates in spring 2025 than this spring, a survey by employment information service Disco found. […]

Employment outlook for new graduates in 2025, companies' willingness to hire will continue to be high

 Recruit Works Research Institute conducted a survey on the hiring prospects for new graduates in 2025 at private companies, and the survey results […]

Waseda University and BizReach Campus partner to build an online network to connect with alumni

 Waseda University has partnered with BizReach Campus, an alumni visiting network service operated by BizReach Co., Ltd., to support the diverse student body […]

Kanazawa Seiryo University offers unique employment support: offshore job training camp cruise “Hoshi☆Tabi Hokkaido”

 Kanazawa Seiryo University, which supports students with its own system, will hold the offshore job training camp cruise “Hoshi☆tabi Hokkaido” from September 2023th to 9th, 5 […]

Hosei University to permanently set up a "Job Hunting Agent" on campus to support diversifying job hunting

 H.U. Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hosei University, and Co., Ltd., which develops education and training businesses for companies and employment support businesses for young people […]

Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, "Do S City Hall" recruits participants for internship program Support for accommodation and transportation expenses for distant people

 At the Hida City Hall in Gifu Prefecture, which advocates a "do S city hall", as the first internship program for students, "1 Days public […]

Generation AI, more than 7% of students answered that they have used it

 71.2% of students have experience using generation AI (artificial intelligence) such as ChatGPT that can automatically generate text and images […]

Students devised next-generation job-hunting clothes, “#Kigaeyo job-hunting” project collaborative class at Jissen Women's University

 From May 2023, 5, Jissen Women's University has started classes in collaboration with the "#Kigaeyo Job Hunting" project.The theme is “Clothes for job hunting […]

Japan's largest alumni visit app "Matcher" exceeded 100 million total matches

 Japan's largest alumni visiting app "Matcher" operated by Matcher Co., Ltd. has a cumulative total of 1 matches between students and working people […]
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