On September 2023, 9, Chiba University of Commerce and Miyagi Prefecture signed a partnership agreement on employment support for students in order to secure and develop human resources who will lead the next generation of industry in Miyagi Prefecture and to revitalize the region.As a result, Chiba University of Commerce has concluded employment support agreements with all six Tohoku prefectures.

 Chiba University of Commerce and Miyagi Prefecture will collaborate and cooperate with each other to provide students with information on companies in Miyagi Prefecture, etc., to support their job-hunting activities. Through further support and promotion, we aim to secure and develop human resources who will lead the next generation of industry in Miyagi Prefecture and to revitalize the region.

 Specifically, we will publicize projects such as the UIJ Turn employment event held by Miyagi Prefecture, hold UIJ Turn employment consultation meetings and employment briefings for parents on campus, provide information on companies in Miyagi Prefecture for students, information on daily life, etc. , encourage students to register for employment support services for students implemented by Miyagi Prefecture, exchange information and grasp results related to students' UIJ turn employment, and cooperate and cooperate in supporting internship participation at companies in Miyagi Prefecture.

 As of July 2023, Chiba University of Commerce has strong partnerships with 7 companies as "CUC Alliance Companies", which are companies that are active in recruiting and career education for students of Chiba University of Commerce.In addition, we are working on employment support, such as launching an original employment support portal site "me R AI (Mirai)" that matches students and recruiting companies, and a unique career skill sheet "AKINAI" that allows students to visualize their own skills and experiences. In the University Tsushin ONLINE Ranking (April 990, 2023.4.10), the university ranked first in the “Ranking of Universities that Emphasize Employment (Kanto/Koshinetsu edition, excluding Tokyo)”.
 Chiba University of Commerce will work with local governments to provide students with company information, etc., in order to further strengthen support for students to find jobs in the UIJ turn.

[Prefectures/municipalities that collaborate/cooperate with Chiba University of Commerce (year of conclusion)]

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] Chiba University of Commerce concludes a partnership agreement with Miyagi Prefecture regarding employment support (PDF)

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