In the spring of 2024, Konan University will launch a completely new global education program, the “Global Liberal Arts Degree Program (STAGE) Special Track for Accelerated Global Education” (hereinafter referred to as STAGE), in order to produce world-leading human resources in the unpredictable VUCA era. )” is born. With a small number of elite students of 25 students per grade, we will develop human resources who will be active on the front lines of society in the VUCA era.


"STAGE" further evolves the global education that has been cultivated

Although Konan University is a comprehensive university with eight faculties of humanities and sciences, one of the characteristics is that the distance between students and faculty is close, and there is active exchange between various faculties.STAGE, which has evolved the education that has been cultivated up to now, newly established the "Global Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Education", an educational organization equivalent to an undergraduate school, in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "Collaborative Course System". This is a new educational program that transcends the framework of conventional faculties and integrates multiple academic fields.

“The world situation is constantly changing and unpredictable. What is needed in such an era is people who have both global and local perspectives and experience, and who can face and solve various problems. STAGE will prepare a variety of new programs to nurture such glocal human resources,” says Professor Kazuhiro Nomura, chairman of the preparatory committee for STAGE.

In the learning of STAGE, the OECD (Organization for Economic Development Cooperation) stipulates
"GLOBAL COMPETENCE" is acquired.
"GLOBAL COMPETENCE" means: XNUMX. Communicate openly, appropriately and effectively with people of different cultures. XNUMX. Consider regional, global and cross-cultural issues. XNUMX, Understand the perspectives and worldviews of others, and recognize their value. XNUMX. Act for “well-being” and sustainable development.The above refers to the ability to communicate and act while coexisting with others, which the OECD has determined to be the most important for survival in a global society.
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In STAGE, a special educational program for 1 students per year, it is possible to obtain a "Bachelor of Arts (Global Liberal Arts)" degree at the time of graduation and aim for a global career. In seminars from the first to fourth year, 25 full-time faculty members act as academic advisors and provide guidance in a team structure to support the growth of students.

“Double study abroad” in multiple language areas unique to STAGE

STAGE requires “study abroad in multiple languages” as a requirement for graduation. From the latter half of the second year onwards, students are encouraged to study abroad, and students are expected to study abroad for a medium- to long-term period of about half a year to one year.In addition, by doing a short-term study abroad in another language area either before or after the medium- to long-term study abroad, you will experience studying abroad in two countries while attending school, improve your English + other language proficiency, and gain an understanding of different cultures. The purpose is to acquire the ability to coordinate communication.By coming into contact with a variety of languages ​​and cultures, not just those in the English-speaking world, students develop tolerance for different cultures and societies, and hone their ability to resolve differences in values ​​and the various problems that arise from them.

In addition, by connecting STAGE exercises (seminars) online while studying abroad, it is possible to use them in seminar research while honing practical skills overseas.

Students can choose to study abroad from 21 schools in 146 countries, and short-term study abroad (one time) is exempted from study abroad fees. (*Conditions vary depending on the study abroad destination).

In addition to learning the appropriate combination of social science, international understanding, data science, AI, etc., as well as the ability to use multiple languages, global practice project subjects to work on solving regional issues in cooperation with companies and governments, overseas experience and Utilize a wide range of learning such as social science and data science to work on problem solving and acquire policy and planning skills.

After graduating, students can choose from a variety of options, including employment with various organizations and private companies that are active on a global level, or going on to graduate school with the aim of becoming an international civil servant.The Career Center of Konan University, which is also known for its strength in finding employment, provides full support.

Become aware of your potential and gain the strength to step into the future

Ahead of the opening next spring, the Okamoto Campus, where STAGE will be based, is steadily preparing for new facilities for conducting seminars and project learning.One of the new facilities, “Global Connecting Passage,” will have a large screen on the wall, and global news will be broadcast at any time.Create an environment to learn about world affairs on a daily basis and in a timely manner.In the open, glass-enclosed facility, we plan to hold TED-like presentations of results and events, as well as COIL-type classes with overseas universities using large screens.

Finally, I received an yell from Professor Nomura. “Through my many years of contact with students, I have come to realize that many of them are unaware of their potential. One of my favorite sayings is "A ship is safe in port, but a ship wasn't built to stay in port." Let's seize clues to possibilities that even we are unaware of, and start walking towards a bright future together.Faculty and staff will do their best to support you, so please feel free to take on the challenge of learning STAGE."

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