List of articles by Miyazaki University

Visualization of invisible regional disparities in suicide by prefecture, Kyushu University, etc.

 Research groups from Kyushu University, Chiba University, Hamamatsu University of Medicine, Miyazaki University, etc. are investigating regional disparities in suicide that may be overlooked if judged on a prefecture-by-prefecture basis […]

15 universities in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions establish a startup creation platform

 15 universities in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions, including Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, University of the Ryukyus, and Kitakyushu City University, and FFG Venture Business, which supports venture companies […]

Miyazaki University identifies the first "hepatitis B-related" cat virus in Japan, and has a unique DNA sequence for Japanese strains

 A research team at Miyazaki University reported that it was the first in Japan to identify "cat hepadonavirus," which is suspected to be associated with chronic hepatitis in cats.further […]

Miyazaki University's online course "World Baseball Circumstances", 20 times in total, scheduled to start in 2022

 The online course "World Baseball Circumstances" that Miyazaki University has been offering for about a year since April 2021 has ended.Baseball […] around the world

Analyzing the reasons for suicide due to the new corona epidemic, a big difference between men and women

 Research groups at Miyazaki University, Keio University, and Chiba University have found that a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) epidemic has occurred in Japan 202 […]

11 national universities in Kyushu collaborate to realize carbon neutrality

 Eleven national universities in Kyushu, including Kyushu University, have launched the Kyushu District Renewable Energy Cooperation Committee to realize carbon neutrality in 11 […]

Kochi University, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, Miyazaki University's Gabion Technology Research Receives SDGs Award Excellence Award

 Professor Tadashi Hara, Department of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Education and Research, Kochi University, Professor Hiroshi Nakazawa, Department of Civil Engineering, Shizuoka Institute of Science, Professor Daisuke Suetsugu, Faculty of Engineering, Miyazaki University […]

Natto extract inhibits coronavirus infection of cultured cells

 Natto extract was found to inhibit infection with the new coronavirus in experiments at the cultured cell level.Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Miyazaki University, […]

Support from companies and foundations One after another, the fund for establishing an infectious disease control team has started to be subsidized.

 Professor Takeshi Kosaka of Tohoku University and a team of experts on measures against new coronavirus infections have "new corona […]" to subsidize medical professionals who are fighting at the forefront.

2.8% of Chinese visiting Japan bring in pork products, and issues related to measures against classical swine fever Surveyed by the University of Tokyo, etc.

 African swine fever, a livestock infectious disease that infects pigs and wild boars, is spreading in various parts of Asia such as China, and 2.8% of Chinese visiting Japan are made of pork […]