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New diagnosis of asthma in children decreases due to COVID-XNUMX, Okayama University survey

 The rate of newly diagnosed asthma in children decreased significantly nationwide after the nationwide school closure in March 2020, and remained at a low level for the next 3 months […]

10 domestic universities sign agreement to promote open access papers

 On November 2022, 11, the librarians of 7 domestic universities, including Tohoku University and the University of Tokyo, and Springer Nature, an international academic publishing company, announced the opening of the O […]

Japanese Kampo Medicine Prescription, Origin of Ganjin Wajo in the Nara Period Revealed by Okayama University

 Okayama University Academic Research Institute Health System has learned that the origin of Kampo medicines prescribed in Japan is the Chinese Tang monk Ganjin, who came to Japan in the Nara period […]

A research group from Okayama University and Nara Women's University discovered that rats have a dominant leg when scratching their eyes

 Hirotaka Sakamoto, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Science, Okayama University, and a graduate student of Nara Women's University, confirmed that the right hind leg is the dominant leg when rats scratch their eyes […]

Analysis by Nagoya City University and others that the impact of new corona vaccination on breast cancer treatment plan is small

 A research group at Nagoya City University, in collaboration with Sapporo Medical University, Akita University, Mie University, and Okayama University, conducted a multicenter joint observational study […]

Okayama University Research Institute for Dynamics of Civilization

 Okayama University's Institute for Dynamics of Civilization has distributed a video recording of the 14th RIDC Monthly Research Seminar "History of Nagashima Aiseien as Seen from Residents' Housing" […]

New corona vaccine for children, side reactions are less than adults Okayama University aggregates

 A side reaction occurred among children aged 5 to 11 years old who were vaccinated with the new Pfizer pediatric corona vaccine at a medical institution in Okayama Prefecture. […]

The proportion of people suffering from gender identity is much higher than the conventional estimate, according to a survey by Okayama University

 Gender identity is a strong psychological pain caused by the difference between one's own gender felt by a person and the gender determined at birth.Okayama University Disease […]

Waseda University ranked first in Japan by area ranking of "universities of interest" selected by about 1 examinees 4

 From Page Co., Ltd. is "interested [...]" in the "42 Telemail National Simultaneous Advancement Survey" conducted for about 2022 examinees.

The operation of the black box brain activity decoder can be explained by the application of deep learning

 Brain activity decoding is a technique for estimating what a person was doing from brain activity data measured by MRI or brain waves, and is a future BMI ([…]].
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