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Keio University Selected as a World Top Level Research Center for the First Time at a Private University

 Keio University has been selected for the 2022 World Premier International Research Center Initiative by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.World Premier Research Center Program […]

Keio University Releases Traditional Performing Arts Database, Contains Songs of 1,000 Ethnic Groups Around the World

 Keio University has created a traditional performing arts database "Global […]

Workshop to understand other people's "invisible pain" such as migraines and menstrual pain held at Keio University

 Eli Lilly Japan Co., Ltd., as a new development of the "Invisible Diversity PROJECT", which is jointly working with companies, local governments, and experts, [...]

Provided 5 pieces of content from 1,200 domestic publishers to the Waseda and Keio Japanese book digitization consortium

 Waseda University Library and Keio University Media Center partnered with Kinokuniya Bookstore in May to establish a consortium to promote the digitization of Waseda and Keio Japanese books.

AI that predicts the birth of mouse fertilized eggs with the world's highest accuracy Expected to be applied to human infertility treatment

 A joint research group of Keio University, Kinki University, and the University of Tokyo has succeeded in developing an AI that predicts the birth of mouse fertilized eggs with an accuracy of 83.87% […]

First confirmation of different physical reactions in crows depending on the partner, Keio University

 A group at Keio University has revealed that different physical reactions occur in crows depending on the relationship (superiority or inferiority) with the person they face […]

Keio University elucidates the mechanism of myopia progression, expectations for therapeutic drug

 A research group led by Professor Emeritus Kazuo Tsubota of Keio University believes that endoplasmic reticulum stress that occurs in the sclera (the so-called white part of the eye) plays a central role in the progression of myopia […]

Sustainable, container-free, efficient gene transfer in droplets suspended in the air

 In chemical and biological research, plastic is frequently used as a disposable item such as pipettes, tubes, and culture dishes, and it is […]

Even if the noise of flying cars is reduced, it is stressful unconsciously, experiments by Nagoya University and others

 In collaboration with Keio University, a research group led by Professor Susumu Hara of the Nagoya University Graduate School uses a device that allows you to experience the overhead flight of a flying car, […]

Keio University FinTEK Center Starts Recruiting Free Data Science Courses

 Keio University FinTEK Center has decided to hold a free online course “Data Science Course 2022” this fall and is recruiting students […]
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