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Waseda University to hold "Unilove" science experiment class for elementary and junior high school students on August 8th

 On Tuesday, August 2024, 8, the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering Unilab Office will hold a small event called "Kids' Workshop" where participants can experience experiments and crafts using the university's facilities and experimental equipment.

Communication design based on "co-talk" co-created by speakers proposed by Waseda University and others

 A research group from Waseda University and CrossLab Research Institute has been studying overlapping (overlapping of voices) and backchanneling (a way of […]

Introducing proteins into 1,000 million cells using nanosyringes Waseda University and RIKEN

 Professor Takeo Miyake of Waseda University and senior researcher Tsutomu Mikawa of RIKEN have discovered that multiple proteins can be introduced into cells with high efficiency and high survival rate […]

Waseda University and Yamaguchi University develop microelectrode that can be mounted on contact lenses for multi-point retinal potential measurement

 A research group from Waseda University and Yamaguchi University has developed a small, transparent, and soft micromesh electrode that can be mounted on commercially available contact lenses.

Waseda University and others confirm that chewing vegetables stimulates insulin secretion after meals

 A research group from Waseda University and Kewpie Corporation has discovered that by “chewing” vegetables, postprandial insulin secretion and […]

Waseda University launches 150th anniversary project promotion committee, formulating new plans including re-challenging to become an international research university of excellence

 Waseda University has established a commemorative project promotion committee ahead of its 2032th anniversary in 150. Re-challenging to become an international research university of excellence, etc. 1 […]

Chiba University develops an inexpensive arsenic sensor using microbial proteins

 A joint research team from Chiba University Graduate School, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, and Waseda University has introduced cysteine ​​to proteins that control microbial DNA transcription […]

What is the minimum amount of exercise that will produce a training effect? Effects confirmed even in 40 seconds Waseda University

 A group led by Professor Yasuo Kawakami of Waseda University's Faculty of Sport Science and researcher Takuki Yamagishi of the National Sports Science Center was able to achieve high-intensity performance in just 40 seconds.

Forests capture microplastics in the atmosphere, demonstrated by Japan Women's University and others

 A research group led by Japan Women's University, together with Waseda University, has determined that microplastics in the atmosphere are adsorbed to epicuticular wax on leaves […]

Waseda University to launch “Graduate School Carbon Neutral Minor” from 2024, nurturing doctoral talent who can play an active role in the world and companies

 Waseda University will further develop the know-how of the university-wide subspecialty “Carbon Neutral Leader” established for undergraduate students starting in 2022 […]
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