Kumamoto University Article List

Kumamoto University starts training teachers to accept and support foreign talent

 Kumamoto University's Graduate School of Education will soon start a training program with the aim of training teachers who can support the acceptance and coexistence of foreign personnel.Global […]

Kumamoto University succeeds in adjusting 1000% elongation rate, self-healing, shape memory new material, zero waste

 A group led by Associate Professor Daishi Higashi of Kumamoto University Graduate School and Yuika Goto (at that time) graduate school student […]

Senescent cells cause cell death in long-lived naked mole rats, discovered by Kumamoto University and others

 A joint research group* led by Assistant Professor Yoshimi Kawamura and Professor Kyoko Miura of the Graduate School of Kumamoto University is a rodent that is resistant to aging, naked mole rat fibroblasts […]

11 National Universities in Kyushu/Okinawa form ``Kyushu-Okinawa Open University''

 11 national universities in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions, including Kyushu University, exchanged a memorandum of understanding for collaboration to improve research capabilities.The declining research capacity of Japan is a big problem […]

Concept for the creation of an interdisciplinary interdisciplinary organization for humanities and sciences based on the development of digital human resources at Kumamoto University*

In April 2024, Kumamoto University will acquire knowledge of mathematics and data science (DS) and promote digital transformation (DX) […]

Kumamoto University and Jolly Good create "Disaster Medical Education VR" modeled on the JR Fukuchiyama Line derailment accident

 Kumamoto University and Jolly Good Co., Ltd. jointly produced "Disaster Medical Education VR".A series of emergency response immediately after a train derailment accident caused by an earthquake […]

Nagoya City University discovers that ivermectin suppresses hepatitis B virus infection

 A research group at Nagoya City University Graduate School, Kumamoto University Graduate School, and Kitasato University has been working on ivermek, which has been attracting attention for its inhibitory effects on multiple viruses in recent years […]

Kumamoto University plans to establish a new organization for semiconductor human resource development, to start in 2024

 In 2024, Kumamoto University will establish an interdisciplinary education for information fusion (provisional name) equivalent to an undergraduate school that nurtures human resources who will be active in the semiconductor industry, and data science (DS […]

Kumamoto University and GE Healthcare Japan aim to eliminate regional medical disparities through medical-engineering collaboration

 Aiming to solve medical problems in Kumamoto Prefecture, such as regional disparities in medical care, Kumamoto University has signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with GE Healthcare Japan, a medical device manufacturer […]

Kumamoto University establishes a research base for Manga Studies, also a base for regional development

 Kumamoto University established the International Manga Studies Education and Research Center in the Faculty of Letters.In addition to collecting manga as materials, it will be a base for full-scale research […]
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