Kumamoto University Article List

Developed by Kumamoto University, a sensory and cognition evaluation system for children with developmental disabilities in a virtual reality classroom

 A group led by Professor Ayako Okouchi of the Graduate School of Kumamoto University used a virtual reality (VR) classroom to evaluate the characteristics of school-age children with developmental disorders […]

15 universities in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions establish a startup creation platform

 15 universities in the Kyushu and Okinawa regions, including Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, University of the Ryukyus, and Kitakyushu City University, and FFG Venture Business, which supports venture companies […]

Joint research on predictive detection technology for "pregnancy depression / postpartum depression" from Kagawa University startup, Kyoto University, Kumamoto University, etc.

 Melody International Co., Ltd., a startup from Kagawa University that develops and sells an online medical care platform for the perinatal period […]

Proven by Kumamoto University and Hokkaido University, where grains were already cultivated during the Jomon period

 Professor Hiroki Obata of Kumamoto University Graduate School and Associate Professor Dai Kunikita of Hokkaido University Graduate School have already brought in grains such as rice and awa and cultivated them during the Jomon era. […]

Even if there is no one, if there is spatial information of the sound of others, I feel "I am there"

 Associate Professor Makoto Otani of Kyoto University, Graduate Student of Kiritsuna, and Professor Wataru Teramoto of Kumamoto University are others to feel the reality (feeling of being there) […]

11 national universities in Kyushu collaborate to realize carbon neutrality

 Eleven national universities in Kyushu, including Kyushu University, have launched the Kyushu District Renewable Energy Cooperation Committee to realize carbon neutrality in 11 […]

Lead of ammunition used at the end of the Edo period and the Meiji Restoration, half of which turned out to be from Britain

 Dr. Masataka Aizawa, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ryukyu University, Professor Tomotoshi Mizoda, Iwate University, Professor Takahiro Hosono, Graduate School of Advanced Science, Kumamoto University […]

Anisakis is killed with a large electric current without deteriorating the fish body, developed by Kumamoto University, etc.

 The joint research group of Associate Professor Takao Namihira of Kumamoto University Institute of Industrial Nanomaterials and Japan Sea Foods Co., Ltd. is a pulse power technique […]

Kumamoto University, a microfilter device that detects minute amounts of cancer cells in the blood with high accuracy

 Through joint research between a research group at Kumamoto University and Ogic Technologies Co., Ltd., a small number of cancer cells contained in the blood can be easily separated. […]

For weather headaches Goreisan (with Soujutsu) Suppresses changes in cerebral blood flow when atmospheric pressure drops

 Kumamoto University and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. have verified the effect of Goreisan (containing Soujutsu), which is a type of Chinese herbal medicine, on "weather headaches", and Goreisan (Sou […]]
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