List of articles of Kanazawa University

Registration for participation in the 5th Japanese Mathematical A-lympiad held by Kanazawa University begins

 Kanazawa University has started accepting applications for participation in the 11th Japanese Mathematics A-lympiad, which will be held in November […]

Kanazawa University, Fukui University, and Ishikawa National College of Technology's Space AI Human Resource Development Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

 The space AI human resource development program promoted by Kanazawa University, Fukui University, and Ishikawa National College of Technology has been funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) for the promotion of aerospace science and technology […]

The incidence of febrile neutropenia caused by anticancer drugs has decreased significantly due to the corona crisis, discovered by Kanazawa University

 After the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, the number of patients with febrile neutropenia, one of the serious side effects of anticancer chemotherapy, was decreasing […]

"Glia switch" that induces misconnection of neural circuits and causes chronic pain

 A research group at the University of Yamanashi has clarified the mechanism by which neuropathic pain develops and its "switch."

The first step in a new assessment that is an indicator of spasticity in stroke patients

 Due to a stroke or the like, the symptoms of spasticity may reduce the voluntaryness of the limbs and interfere with life.Evaluate this spasticity neurophysiologically […]

Kanazawa University, which has three ancestors, analyzes the genome of ancient human bones

 International collaborative research groups such as Kanazawa University have analyzed the "paleogenomics" of Jomon people, Yayoi people, and Kofun period people excavated from the ruins of the Japanese archipelago […]

Kanazawa University and Toyama University, joint teacher training course (tentative name) to open in April 2022 Graduation requirements are two types of teacher license acquisition

 Kanazawa University and Toyama University are planning to open a joint training course (tentative name) for teachers such as elementary, junior high and high schools in April 2022.Demand for teachers due to the declining birthrate […]

Kanazawa University and Daicel to build a global research base for biomass research

 Kanazawa University will hold a safety prayer festival on July 2022, 2021 for the construction of the research base "New Industry-Academia Collaborative Research Institute (tentative name)" scheduled to be completed in the fall of 7 […]

Analysis by Kanazawa University, etc., where mothers read aloud to concentrate children and increase brain network strength

 A joint research group of Kanazawa University, University of Fukui, and Chiba Institute of Technology has found that the brain reaction of a child reading a picture book depends on whether the reader is a mother or another person […].
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