List of articles on cancer treatment

Cancer patients want to know the prognosis of physical function rather than the remaining time University of Tsukuba

 For cancer patients, information about their own prognosis is extremely important information that influences treatment policies and various decision-making.Until now […]

Elucidation of the mechanism of keeping five fingers and preventing deformity with "track and field model" The University of Tokyo

 A research group at the University of Tokyo has investigated the formation principle of the concentration gradient of the Sonic Hedgehog (SHH) protein, which is important for maintaining five fingers […]

Fujita Health University and Rwanda, Africa Conclude a Basic Agreement on Nuclear Medicine Treatment

 On August 2022, 8, Fujita Health University formed a basic cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Rwanda in Africa for the purpose of providing technical support for nuclear medicine examination and treatment, and developing medical human resources.

Kyoto University Raises Issues Regarding Safety and Effectiveness of Regenerative Medicine Provided as Treatment

 Program-Specific Professor Misao Fujita of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University, is using stem cell therapy in regenerative medicine in Japan with questions about its safety and effectiveness […]

Pathological diagnosis support AI for diagnosing cancer from images of gastric biopsy specimens achieves over 90% accuracy

 The Japanese Society of Pathology, the National Institute of Informatics, the University of Tokyo, etc. have jointly developed a pathological diagnosis support A […]

The incidence of febrile neutropenia caused by anticancer drugs has decreased significantly due to the corona crisis, discovered by Kanazawa University

 After the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection, the number of patients with febrile neutropenia, one of the serious side effects of anticancer chemotherapy, was decreasing […]

Osaka University develops new technology for cancer treatment by wearing a suit on Anisakis

 A research group led by Professor Shinji Sakai of Osaka University Graduate School and Mr. Wildan Mubarok (Doctoral course) lived on the surface of nematodes such as Anisakis. […]

Developed a completely new stent to relieve the pain of cancer patients

 The Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Center has developed the world's first functional "Stent 1" in collaboration with Tokyo Medical University, University of Fukui, and Keio University. […]

Nucleic acid drug that uses patient-derived substances to efficiently reach cancer metastases Fukuoka University announces

 The research group of Associate Professor Mai Hashikawa of Fukuoka University Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, "Specific accumulation in metastatic cancer", "Improvement of cell membrane permeability", "Safety [...]

Yokohama City University investigates whether the number of cancer resections in 2020 will decrease significantly and the corona damage will have an effect

 In 2020, when the new coronavirus infection became a pandemic worldwide, the number of cancer resections in Japan decreased significantly, which led to the Yokohama City University Hospital […].
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