List of articles on digital transformation

Kindai University introduces BizReach's OB/OG visit service Responding to changes in the job hunting environment due to the corona crisis

 Kinki University is an OB / OG visit service operated by BizReach, an Internet service company of the Visional group […]

2nd University Reform Seminar Using ICT, Reality and Reality of Kagawa University's DX Promotion with Digital ONE Strategy Held on 9/28

On September 2022, 9 (Wednesday), Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. will target faculty members of universities and higher education institutions and staff members of IT departments to “Use ICT […]

Recording experimental data in an electronic notebook and analyzing it with AI System developed by Waseda University

 A research group at Waseda University records the state of daily chemical and material experiments as an electronic experiment notebook, and automatically analyzes the relationship between experimental operations and results […]

The University of Tokyo Extension and SIGNATE Strengthen Support for Training Data Scientists

 Open innovation promotion No. 1 investment business limited liability partnership (A […]

Comprehensive cooperation agreement with Tokai National Higher Education Organization, Dwango, etc. at University DX

 The Tokai National Higher Education Organization, which operates Nagoya University and Gifu University, has Dwango, a video distribution service, KADOKAWA, a major publisher, and advanced research […]

The University of Tokyo to provide educational programs in virtual space from the second half of 2022

 From the second half of 2022, the Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo have been teaching engineering professionals in a virtual space (metaverse) on the Internet […]

University reform seminar using ICT University DX theme by Kagawa University in collaboration with teaching profession 6/29

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. is online with the theme of "university reform utilizing ICT" for faculty and staff of universities and higher education institutions […]

Otemon Gakuin University, University of Pennsylvania, etc. "Study Abroad Online" to regular subjects

 Otemon Gakuin University is the "OIDAI DX Promotion Plan […], which was also selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as the" Advanced Plan for University / Technical College Education Utilizing Digital ".

Introduced Yamanashi University's medical version DX to all new Yamanashi corona patients

 While the Omicron strain of the new coronavirus is rampant in Japan, Yamanashi University has developed it at Yamanashi University for all new corona patients that have occurred in Yamanashi Prefecture […]

World Digital Government Ranking, 1st place announced by Waseda University, Denmark

 Waseda University E-Government and Local Government Research Institute has compiled the digital government rankings of 2021 major countries in the world in 64.The top is Denmark […]