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Kumamoto University starts training teachers to accept and support foreign talent

 Kumamoto University's Graduate School of Education will soon start a training program with the aim of training teachers who can support the acceptance and coexistence of foreign personnel.Global […]

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology requests ``regional quotas'' for universities to secure teachers in new fiscal year budget

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has solidified its policy to support universities aiming to secure regional teachers by setting up “Regional Teacher Desired Quotas (Regional Quotas),” and has announced the outline of the national budget for FY2024.

Kio University hits a record 84.1% pass rate for teachers in public elementary schools

 Kio University has announced the results of the 2023 public school teacher employment examination for those who are expected to graduate in March 3.The passing rate of active public elementary schools is too high […]

106 high school students from Tottori and Shimane enter Shimane University Faculty of Education on a trial basis

 On August 2022, 8, the Sanin Teacher Education Consortium “Future Teachers” training project, Shimane University Faculty of Education, had a trial admission, and Tottori, Shimane […]

Overseas expansion of Japanese-style education, 2022 research and research at the University of Fukui

 With the overseas expansion of Japanese-style education promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the project of Fukui University was adopted for the 2022 research.Taliqu, Malawi, Africa […]

Designated as 4 schools including teacher training flagship university and Tokyo Gakugei University

 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has become a teacher training flagship university that plays a leading role in changing the way teacher training should be, Tokyo Gakugei University, University of Fukui, Osaka Education […]

Teacher employment rate in 2020 65.2%, stop the downward trend?

 The employment rate of teachers who graduated from a national teacher training university in March 2021 was 3%, an increase of 65.2 points from the previous year, which is the Ministry of Education […]

Kanazawa University and Toyama University, joint teacher training course (tentative name) to open in April 2022 Graduation requirements are two types of teacher license acquisition

 Kanazawa University and Toyama University are planning to open a joint training course (tentative name) for teachers such as elementary, junior high and high schools in April 2022.Demand for teachers due to the declining birthrate […]

AEON supports IPU / International Pacific University undergraduate education students to obtain Eiken Level 1

 AEON Co., Ltd., which operates an English conversation class, has obtained the English Examination Level 1 for undergraduate students aiming to become middle and high school English teachers at IPU / International Pacific University […]

Visiting a university certified as a teaching profession, discovering issues at educational training sites and organizational systems

 When the Central Council for Education Teacher Training Subcommittee visited 13 schools nationwide, including universities accredited for teaching profession, the curriculum was implemented without any problems. […]
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