List of articles on climate change

This summer's record-breaking temperature, would have been 1200 in 1 years without human-induced global warming?

 The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has developed a new method for quickly estimating the impact of global warming on the probability of occurrence of extreme weather events (hereafter, “extreme events”) […]

Climate change: Heatwaves projected to increase in frequency even if climate targets are met

Climate change: Heatwave frequency projected to increase eve […]

Climate change: 30-year record high stratospheric warming linked to Australian bushfires

Climate change: Australian bushfires linked to largest strat […]

Climate change: Americans may underestimate public support for climate change mitigation policies

Climate change: Americans may underestimate public support f […]

Climate change: The Arctic is warming almost four times faster than the rest of the world

Climate change: The Arctic is warming nearly four times fast […]

Ecology: Climate change may have made more than half of known human pathogens more potent

Ecology: Climate change can aggravate over half of known hum […]

Hokkaido University confirms large-scale experiment that bamboo grows when snow melts earlier due to global warming

 A research group led by Associate Professor Makoto Kobayashi of the Graduate School of Hokkaido University is studying the effects of the earlier thawing of snow due to global warming on plants in the forests of Hokkaido […]

Climate change: Examining the environmental benefits of replacing beef with microbial proteins

Climate change: Weighing up the environmental benefits of re […]

Ecology: The negative effects of agriculture and climate change on insect biodiversity

Ecology: Negative impacts of agriculture and climate change […]

Elucidation that the supply of iron particles derived from human activities to the Southern Ocean was actually 10 times higher Nagoya University

 In open ocean areas such as the South Ocean, it is known that there is a shortage of iron (soluble iron) on the surface of the ocean that marine ecosystems use for photosynthesis, so it is the atmosphere […].
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