The University of Marketing and Distribution Science has been implementing a tourism human resources development program since August 2015 in collaboration with the Kinki District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Hankyu Hanshin Hotels, Royal Hotel, and JTB in order to improve students' employment ability in the tourism industry. To do.

 There are 3 courses, "Tourism Town Development Course", "Hotel Business Course", and "Travel Business Course", and the capacity is small with 25-40 people.There is no tuition fee, and university students other than the University of Marketing and Distribution Science can also take the course.We invite professionals who are active on the front lines of the tourism industry as instructors, and not only give one-sided lectures, but also incorporate discussions and debates to improve the employment skills of students.

The "Sightseeing Town Development Course" will be held for about 2015 hours a day from August 8rd to 3th, 8.The content focuses on "sightseeing town development" that is actively carried out all over the country, and considers how to start, plan, plan, and operate this movement.A total of 1 instructors, including the conductor of tourist facility management and experts in administrative practice of the Kinki District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, will give lectures from various perspectives.

The "Hotel Business Course" will be held at the New Hankyu Hotel and other venues from September 2015th to 9th, 8.In the course, you will learn not only about accommodation but also about hotels where various industries such as restaurants, banquets, and bridal are complicated, and you can understand not only business but also hotels as a business. Thirteen lectures will be given in four days, including hotel management by Hankyu Hanshin Hotels officers and hotel management theory by the general manager of RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka.In addition, the details of the "Travel Business Course" have not been announced yet.

 This tourism human resources development program is supervised by Professor Junzo Ishii, the advocate of the vibrant debate style "Ishii Method" and the president of the university.Through this program, the goal is not only for students to learn the contents of each business, but also to acquire the self-expression and appeal necessary for employment improvement.

Source:[University of Marketing and Distribution Science] Tourism Human Resources Development Program 

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