Hankyu Corporation and Ritsumeikan University College of Image Arts and Sciences have created an original short video work produced by students of the College of Image Arts and Sciences at Hankyu Umeda Station's "Umeda Twin Vision" from August 2015st to 8th, 21 as an industry-academia collaboration initiative. It will be aired for a limited time until the 9th of March.

 This industry-academia collaboration is not the commercial advertising video that is normally broadcast on Umeda Twin Vision, but Hankyu Corporation, which was considering showing a video that pleases station users, is a "College of Image Arts and Sciences" at a university in Japan. We approached the College of Image Arts and Sciences of Ritsumeikan University, which is the only company that has the above, and realized it.

 We are looking for original video works of 700 seconds or 15 seconds with the theme of "dream, town, mirai" and "smile" for about 30 college students of the same university.There are 1 applications (about 2 participants), mainly from the 21st and 100nd year undergraduate students, and from the submitted works, the internal selection is made from the viewpoint of message, originality, quality, and whether the work can be transmitted to society. As a result of the final selection including Hankyu Railway, XNUMX works including the Grand Prix were decided.

 The winner of the Grand Prix was "Dream, Town, Miraihe" produced by Yuhei Iida, a first-year student in the College of Image Arts and Sciences.It is a work that puts the dreams of people living in Kyoto and Osaka on paper hikoki and flies toward their respective futures.Mr. Iida said, "There are many" dreams "in the" town "where many people live, and each has its own" future. "I thought that I would create a bright future from the appearance of people who live hard in the crowd. 』And talk about his thoughts on the work.

Source:[Ritsumeikan University] "Yume / Machi / Mirai" Contest Grand Prix decision-Broadcast on Umeda Twin Vision from 8/21!

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