On Tuesday, September 2015, 9, the opening ceremony of the newly developed advanced ICT (Information and Communication Technology) laboratory "LICTiA (Laboratory for leading-edge ICT in AIZU)" on the campus of the University of Aizu (Aizu City, Fukushima Prefecture) was held. It was done.The service is scheduled to start on October 8 as an activity base for the University of Aizu Reconstruction Support Center, which aims to contribute to reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake.Utilizing the various functions of the facility, we will work to provide "places" that generate innovation, promote advanced ICT research, and develop ICT human resources.

 As a research activity, we aim to commercialize services and applications that are useful for daily life by developing technology that eliminates "trouble" in daily life by improving efficiency through ICT.In order to train specialists in human resource development, we plan to actively accept human resources who are familiar with ICT not only from students but also from outside, and strengthen cooperation with local venture companies.In addition, since the number of IT venture startups is not increasing in the city at present, we hope that the opening of the facility will lead to an increase in venture companies.

 The facility is a three-story steel structure with a total construction cost of 3 million yen. On the first floor, we have prepared a free space where researchers, students, companies, and other people from various fields can interact, and an environment that enables businesses and research specialized in the security field. There is a rental space on the 12nd floor where venture companies can move in, and the 5rd floor is a floor with a high degree of security, and there is also an environment where highly confidential research activities such as the development of smartphones can be carried out.
 Governor Masao Uchibori said at the opening ceremony of the day, "I am confident that business people, researchers, and students will come together to create new innovations (technological innovations)."

Exhibitor: [University of Aizu] The opening ceremony and preview of the University of Aizu Advanced ICT Lab were held.

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