Don't Stop Sports, a general incorporated association that runs the "1252 Project", a project that faces the challenges of "physiology x sports" for female student athletes, has released an introduction video of the project.

 This project aims to provide a place for consultation and correct knowledge, despite the fact that menstruation, which occurs about 1 weeks out of a year (52 weeks), and changes in physical condition that accompany it, is an unavoidable problem for many female athletes. Focusing on the current situation where there are few opportunities.Focusing on Mr. Hanae Ito (former member of the Japanese national swimming team), who has had a hard time with the Olympics and menstruation, he has the latest specialized and scientific knowledge in the medical and educational fields for female student athletes and instructors. It continues to act as a hub for education and information dissemination.

 In this project introduction video, it is said that the background, activity results, content, etc. that have been seen from the survey of female students belonging to the sports club that have been conducted so far are introduced.

 At the same time, the “1252Clubroom,” a physiology and sports class aimed mainly at male students aiming to become sports instructors, has also started. The first lecture was held on June 6 at the Department of Sports and Health Policy, Faculty of Sports and Health Policy, Toin University of Yokohama.A total of 30 people participated in the first lecture, including 1 male students who aspired to work in the future sports coaches or the sports management industry.Lecturers such as Kaei Ito talked about statistical data and experiences based on surveys of female students, and from a medical point of view, the effects of menstruation on the body and mind and how to face them, and the knowledge that the students learned. "I felt that both men and women need to understand" and "I want to make use of it in the future."

 The 1252 Project will continue its activities under the concept of ``sports are more interesting if you know your period.'' will be developed.

reference:[General Incorporated Association Don't Stop Sports] Released a video introducing the "1252 Project", an educational / information dissemination activity for menstruation and sports.Started classes for male students aiming to become sports instructors.

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