On October 2022, 10 (Monday), Hosei University's Ohara Social Research Institute will hold the 17th International Labor Issues Symposium, "Seafarers' Labor and Logistics: Supply Chains that Support Livelihoods."As the problems of workers in the logistics industry become apparent worldwide due to the corona crisis, we will learn about the connection between the supply chain that supports our lives and the shipping industry, and think together with the participants about the issues that seafarer workers face.

 At the 35th International Labor Issues Symposium, we will hold lectures and panel discussions on the themes of what kind of problems are occurring in the shipping industry and what kind of responses are being taken internationally.

 Lectures were given by Professor Emeritus Takayuki Mori of the University of Distribution Science, "How are the shipping industry and the work of seafarers connected to our lives?" "From the Perspective of the Seafarers", Mr. Shinichi Tanaka, Acting President of the All Japan Seamen's Union, "Seafarers' Work and Shipping - From the Perspective of Workers", Mr. Yasuhiro Urano, Coordinator for International Affairs, Seafarer Policy Division, Maritime Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, "Seafarers On the Rules and Rights to Work as a Worker: From the Government's Perspective".In addition, Mr. Shinichi Akiyama, Deputy Director General of the ILO Headquarters Sectoral Policy Department, will give a lecture on the theme of "The situation of the crisis of crew change due to the corona crisis and the international response by the ILO and others."

 The holding method is a combination of online (Zoom webinar) and venue participation, and the participation fee is free.Anyone can participate.Both online participation and venue participation require application from a special application form.If you want to participate in the venue, you need to apply by noon on Friday, October 2022, 10, and the reception will be closed when the capacity (14 people) is reached.

 The Ohara Institute for Social Research has the longest history as a private research institute in the field of social science in Japan. The Nihon Rodo Nenkan, which has been edited and published since its founding on February 1919, 2, continues to this day (9 edition, Vol. 2022).In July 92, after World War II, it merged with Hosei University and became an affiliated research institute.

Reference: [Hosei University] Hosei University Ohara Social Research Institute held the 35th International Labor Issues Symposium "Labor and Logistics of Seafarers: Supply Chains that Support Livelihoods"

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