Saitama Institute of Technology will be held on October 2022th (Friday), 10, October 28st (Monday) to November 10th (Sunday) for a total of eight days at Chubu Centrair International Airport Island in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture and the surrounding urban areas. Participate in the self-driving demonstration experiment.A self-driving large bus developed by Saitama Institute of Technology will operate on a regular schedule between Aeon Mall Tokoname in the city area and Meitetsu Tokoname Station.

 The demonstration experiment will be conducted by Aichi Prefecture, and Saitama Institute of Technology will participate in the demonstration experiment by participating in a consortium with NTT Communications as the secretary.Of the three self-driving buses that will be used this time, one of them is a large bus developed by Saitama Institute of Technology. .

 It runs between Aeon Mall Tokoname in Tokoname City and Meitetsu Tokoname Station via the Chita Bus Boat Race Kita stop.Up to 4 people can ride on a 3.5-kilometer outbound course and a 13-kilometer return course.Utilize an autonomous driving operating system and high-precision 3D maps.

 One of the features of this demonstration experiment is to utilize the camera and video integration technology of Tokai Rika, a major automobile parts manufacturer, to connect multiple cameras installed in the company and driving routes to 1G, etc., and transmit and operate. Centrally monitor multiple self-driving buses from a remote monitoring room.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving Special Site] Participating in Autonomous Driving Demonstration Experiments at Chubu Centrair International Airport Island

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