Tsukuba Future Funding, a general incorporated association run by the Tsukuba Mirai no Kai, a group of managers from the University of Tsukuba, is the first university crowdfunding service in Japan, "Tsukuba Future Funding (Tsukuba Future Funding), in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba. TFF) ”was started on September 2015, 9.

 TFF is a "crowdfunding" mechanism that solicits funds from students, research students, faculty members, graduates, etc. who want to start a business or start a new business, and establish a means of obtaining funds from the general public, mainly graduates of the same university. In addition, the purpose is to develop students' business conception, presentation, and logical skills necessary for raising funds.

 In the flow of TFF service, current students and graduates of the same university who want to realize the project will announce the content of the project and necessary funds through TFF.The proponent will work with TFF to reach more people and collect the necessary funds in the form of "donations."If more than the full amount of the required funds are collected, 85% of the collected donations will be transferred to the proposer and 15% will be transferred to the TFF as a commission, and the proposer will use this fund to realize the project.

 The merit of cloud funding in collaboration with universities is that conventional cloud funding independently manages courses to nurture planners (enhancement of human resources) and strengthens partnerships with the media (enhancement of information resources). On the other hand, the university has a function to nurture people (enhancement of human resources), a function to provide activity places (enhancement of goods resources), and an operation function of original media such as newspapers and sites with many subscribers (enhancement of information resources). It is possible to utilize the complex functions of the university.

 As the first project, TFF will post a project of the student circle "Tsukubakeya Kids" and "Dream Hanabi" to launch fireworks for children who are hospitalized due to illness. TFF plans to adopt around 1 projects every year.

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