Fujita Gakuen, which operates Fujita Health University, and Keio University, which operates Keio University, have signed a partnership agreement for the social implementation of advanced medical care.Collaborate in the fields of regenerative/cell therapy, gene therapy, robotics, and data science to advance research and development.

 According to Fujita Health University, the main players in the collaboration will be the Tokyo Advanced Medical Research Center, which Fujita Health University plans to establish in the fall of 2023 near Haneda Airport in Ota Ward, Tokyo, and Keio University will be located in Kawasaki City, Kawasaki, on the opposite bank of Haneda Airport. Tonomachi Town Campus opened in 2016.

 Fujita Health University's Tokyo Advanced Medical Research Center is a research base for next-generation medicine, and plans to promote regenerative medicine, cancer genome therapy, medical examinations using the latest equipment, and advanced infertility treatment.Keio University's Tonomachi Town Campus was established as a place for activities that transcend the framework of existing faculties.

 In terms of collaboration, we will promote joint research in the fields of regenerative medicine/cell therapy, gene therapy, robotics, and data science, while also supporting commercialization, developing human resources, and sharing facilities and equipment to maximize the potential of both educational corporations. We aim to develop new cutting-edge medical treatments that can be used internationally.

reference:[Fujita Health University] Educational Foundation Fujita Gakuen and Educational Foundation Keio University conclude a partnership agreement for the social implementation of advanced medical technology and the promotion of industry-academia-government collaboration activities (PDF)

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