"Aflac (American Family Life Insurance Company)" will start accepting applications for the "Aflac Childhood Cancer Experienced / Cancer Orphans Scholarship Program" for high school students from November 2016, 2015. To do.

 The Aflac Childhood Cancer Experience / Cancer Orphans Scholarship Program provides a monthly payment of 25,000 yen until graduation from high school to support children who have experienced childhood cancer or children who have died of cancer from their parents.It can be used in combination with other scholarship programs, and you can apply with or without an Aflac insurance policy.

 Over the 1995 years since the establishment of the Charitable Trust Aflac Cancer Orphan Scholarship Fund, which was the predecessor of the system in 21, more than 2,000 scholarship students have been provided with scholarships totaling over 13 billion yen. ..It was established for children who have no choice but to change their course due to the death of their parents. Experienced high school students have also joined the scholarship.

 The recruitment period for scholarship students in 2016 is from November 2015, 11 to February 1, 2016.In the case of the "Childhood Cancer Experience Scholarship", the application requirements are that the childhood cancer survivor who developed childhood cancer under the age of 2 needs assistance for financial reasons, and that "cancer" The “Childhood Scholarship” is a condition that the child has lost his / her main livelihood due to cancer, needs assistance for financial reasons, and has a learning grade of 29 (18 grades) or higher.The number of applicants is 3.5 for the "Childhood Cancer Experience Scholarship" and 5 for the "Cancer Orphan Scholarship".Regarding the recruitment of scholarship students, we provide guidance to schools nationwide through the Association of High School Directors, All Japan Junior High School Directors Association, etc., and also announce it at hospitals that treat childhood cancer.

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