On May 2023, 5, Kansai University will conclude a comprehensive partnership agreement with Montbell Co., Ltd.Contribute to society through outdoor activities by exchanging human, intellectual and material resources.

 Kansai University advocates "realization of learning" as its academic motto (philosophy).This shows the idea that universities should incorporate knowledge and experience of the real world into their education and research, and that society should incorporate the results of academic research at universities, seeking ``harmony between theory and practice.''Based on this school motto, Kansai University is working on various collaborative projects.

 On the other hand, since its founding, Montbell has expanded the scope of its activities beyond the planning, manufacturing, and sales of outdoor products into a variety of fields. 7. Nurture children's zest for life through outdoor activities, 1. Increase healthy life expectancy, 2. Respond to natural disasters, 3. Regional economic revitalization through ecotourism, 4. Promote primary industries (agriculture, forestry and fisheries) 5. Realization of barrier-free access for the elderly and people with disabilities), and is working to solve social issues.

 This time, both parties, which are working on regional issues from various aspects, will take advantage of the comprehensive partnership agreement to make use of their mutual resources, and strengthen initiatives such as human resource development, improvement of awareness of the natural environment and disaster prevention, and regional revitalization. To go.Specifically, starting with initiatives that make the most of each of the campuses of Kansai University, which is rich in greenery, regional cooperation that makes use of the strengths of students and the development of the ability to survive through nature experiences, Kansai University has concluded a partnership agreement. We will promote initiatives targeting elementary, junior high school, and high school students such as local governments.

Reference: [Kansai University] ■ Towards a sustainable society.Collaborate on human resource development, regional revitalization, etc. Comprehensive partnership agreement signed with Montbell Co., Ltd. - Utilizing mutual resources and contributing to society through outdoor activities - (PDF)

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Kansai University, which has a history of 135 years, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022 as a university promotion and advocating the "realization of learning".It is a comprehensive university with 13 faculties that pursues specialization deeply, explores knowledge with curiosity, and expands one's learning.Strong trying to overcome difficulties and open up the future in a society with increasing uncertainty […]

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