In June and July, an international research team on local governments in Japan, Spain and Sweden will conduct the world's first large-scale survey of local government employees in the three countries.Quantitatively grasp the awareness, sense of values, and workplace culture of local public servants in each country, and clarify their characteristics.

According to Sweden's University of Gothenburg, the study will be headed by Professor Victor Lapuente of the University of Gothenburg's Department of Political Science.The research in Japan will be led by Associate Professor Kohei Suzuki of the Faculty of Public Administration, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

 The survey covered 815 municipalities in Japan, 453 in Spain, and 290 in Sweden.We will interview all general administrative staff in positions equivalent to or above about their awareness of public duties, their sense of values, and workplace culture.Surveys targeting civil servants are conducted in various countries, but there are few surveys on the attitudes and values ​​of individual civil servants, and it is said that the collection of data in a form that allows international comparison is the first in the world.

 Professor David E. Lewis, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University in the United States, commented on this survey that it was "an epoch-making survey by a world-class team of researchers in the Department of Public Administration." there is

reference:[University of Gothenburg] CIVPROF – Why are some public managers more committed to professional norms than others?

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