At Edogawa University, an exchange party for international students and Japanese students hosted by the International Exchange Center was held on May 2023, 5 (Wednesday) at the student cafeteria “Dining & Cafe Edogawa”.

 Edogawa University has a Japanese language education curriculum and a unique scholarship system for international students, and also provides various support for international students, such as Japanese language learning support, employment support, and exchange events.

 The Center for International Exchange, which is at the center of this effort, was established in 2018 to integrate the related committees from the perspective of promoting internationalization, and to consolidate and consider efforts toward the "internationalization" that Edogawa University is aiming for. rice field.In September of the same year, the “Edogawa University Internationalization Promotion Vision 9” was drawn up by the International Exchange Center.Since then, every year, we have been reviewing and improving the "Internationalization Promotion Vision" in light of the educational objectives set forth by Edogawa University, while taking into account the latest circumstances surrounding Japan.

 In the 2023 Edogawa University Internationalization Promotion Vision, the goals are: 1. Developing an educational infrastructure and environment for accepting international students, 2. Promoting exchange programs and student exchanges with partner universities in the Asia Pacific region 3. Improving English proficiency and creating an environment that allows students to study abroad for long periods, 4. Diversifying and enhancing overseas training programs, and 5. Promoting academic and research exchanges. .

 This exchange party was held as part of that, and 13 international students, 20 Japanese students, and 21 faculty members participated.The participants enjoyed conversation while surrounding the dishes that they requested in the preliminary questionnaire, and it was so successful that the planned 90 minutes was exceeded.

Reference: [Edogawa University] International Exchange Center holds exchange party for international students and Japanese students

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