On October 2015, 10, Tokai University Shonan Campus was visited by government officials such as the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and the Abu Dhabi Education Council, which provide scholarships to international students in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Abu Dhabi Emirate. rice field.

 During this visit, the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) visited Japan's higher education institutions with government officials in response to the fact that the number of international students from the Arab Emirates to Japan is smaller than in Western countries. It was held as part of the Japan Invitation Program, which was planned to convey the appeal of Japan as a study abroad destination.Tokai University accepts a large number of international students from the United Arab Emirates and has a close relationship with the University of Petroleum Resources in Abu Dhabi, such as conducting joint research on solar car development, so it was selected as a destination to visit. It was done.

 After receiving an explanation from President Kiyoshi Yamada about the number of international students, country of origin, and education system of the Emirate of Abdavi, the delegation was guided by Associate Professor Abdullah Almomen (International Education Center) from Egypt on campus. In addition to prayer rooms used by Muslim international students and classrooms where Japanese classes are held, the Challenge Center's manufacturing where students engage in "manufacturing" while exchanging technology across disciplines. I visited the museum and so on.In addition, a round-table conference was held with Associate Professor Almomen and international students studying in the Japanese language training course, and they enthusiastically exchanged opinions on the function of the university as a host for international students and the learning environment.

Source:[Tokai University] UAE Abu Dhabi Emirates Scholarship Institution officials visit Shonan Campus

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