At Kinjo Gakuin University, on December 2016, 12, students from the Department of Food Environment and Nutrition, Faculty of Living Environment, conducted international exchanges with international students through Japanese cooking training.

 Approximately 30 international students participated in the cooking training, and under the guidance of students from the Department of Food Environment and Nutrition, "rice cooked with sweet potatoes," "miso soup with katsuo dashi," "broiled chicken," "vinegared cucumber," and "black." We cooked all 5 dishes of "Miso Kinako Shiratama".

 The students who were in charge of cooking instruction reworked the plan many times in advance in order to effectively use the limited time of 90 minutes, and in addition to this menu, the explanation of Japanese food and the combination of menus were used for the materials used in the training. Based on the results of the preliminary survey, we made efforts such as posting how to make Japanese food that international students would like to eat.

 There are various impressions from international students, such as "I learned how to make miso soup for the first time" and "The registered dietitian in my country has a high degree of expertise in understanding the eating habits and eating environment of multinational people and instructing their health." In addition to flying around, questions about Japanese food ingredients were actively asked.During the tasting time, conversations were lively in various languages ​​such as Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and French.

 The student who completed the cooking training and gave guidance said, "The job of a registered dietitian is not only the nutritional management of Japanese people, but also the important work of improving the eating environment including the eating habits of people around the world. I noticed. "This cooking training not only provided an opportunity for international students to learn about Japanese food culture, but also an opportunity for students of the Department of Food Environment and Nutrition who aim to become a registered dietitian to become a registered dietitian with a global perspective. ..

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