The Japan Association of National Universities has compiled "The Japan Association of National Universities on Security and Trade Management" and submitted it to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is currently considering a security trade management policy based on the international environment in recent years.Security trade management is technology provision management based on foreign exchange and foreign trade law (foreign exchange law) so that important advanced technology information does not leak to concerned countries and terrorists.

 Currently, national universities have a basic policy of promoting internationalization, and the government has clearly indicated its direction at home and abroad, and is demanding that there be no hindrance.Strengthening relations with various countries by accepting international students is a security in a broad sense.Accepting foreign students from certain countries and regions of concern is not a problem if properly managed, and excessive regulation may have negative impacts and unfair discrimination.In addition, consideration should be given to consistency with the regulations and operations of major developed countries.

 In addition, it clarifies regulatory standards and demands that universities not be overly responsible or burdened in terms of management.At present, it is pointed out that the technology to be provided and the other party are unclear, and the responsibility for entrance management for accepting international students is biased toward the university side.There is a need for a system in which the government and universities work together to share roles and responsibilities.In addition, the scope of application of the concept of "publicly known" (generally widely known) in the Patent Law is ambiguous, and "research activities premised on the disclosure of research results" at universities are clearly excluded from the regulation target in the standard setting. We request a review of the definition and interpretation.Finally, because security trade management at universities has limitations in terms of human resources and finances, it is requested that the government and related organizations enhance the support system and establish a forum for continuous examination and discussion regarding operation.

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