Nihon University College of Engineering, BRJ Corporation, which operates the micro-mobility service "BIRD" in Japan, and Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, will conduct a social experiment on the introduction of electric scooters to investigate and verify the safety and effectiveness of operating on city roads. For this purpose, we have concluded a partnership agreement for joint research.

 Koriyama City is implementing an electric scooter sharing service as part of a social experiment by the ``Koriyama Community Concert Area Platform,'' which is considering revitalizing the city area.In order to increase the effectiveness of the demonstration test, it was decided that the three parties would share the demonstration data and conduct joint research on safety and effectiveness.

 According to the agreement, the three parties will: (3) conduct verification analysis of the safety and effectiveness of city road operations; (2023) verification analysis of aircraft control, safety verification, operational methods, etc.; and (9) other matters necessary to carry out the purpose of the agreement. Regarding matters, we will cooperate on the above three points.The demonstration experiment of the "electric scooter sharing service" in Koriyama City will run from September 1, 11 to November 30, XNUMX.

 Koriyama City's ``electric scooter sharing service'' will deploy 15 devices to five ports: FSG College League, Ou University, Koriyama Station, Koriyama City Hall, and the Nihon University College of Engineering (and several other locations are currently being arranged).It can be used from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. The fee is 10 yen for the first 60 minutes, and 100 yen for every minute thereafter (tax included).After downloading the smartphone app "BIRD", registering as a member, registering your ID, and passing the traffic rules test, scan the QR code on the electric kickboard placed at the nearby parking port and go wherever you want, whenever you want. Can be easily moved.

Reference: [Nihon University College of Engineering] First in Japan!We have concluded a collaboration agreement for joint research on a social experiment introducing electric scooters through industry, government, and academia collaboration.

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