Niigata University has signed a partnership agreement with Niigata City and Kaishi Vocational University in the field of manga and anime.Niigata University digitizes anime storyboards, cel drawings, etc., prepares and analyzes them as materials, and is collaborating with Niigata City, which is promoting urban development using manga and anime, and Kaishi Vocational University, which trains international creators. Through this work, we aim to become a global base for manga and anime research.

 According to Niigata University, the agreement was signed at Niigata City Hall, where Niigata University President Tatsuo Ushiki, Niigata City Mayor Yaichi Nakahara, and Kaishi Professional University President Takao Kitabata signed the agreement.

 In 2016, Niigata University launched the Anime Archive Research Center, which collects the ``Watabe Collection,'' an intermediate material for anime from the 1970s to the 90s, which was entrusted with the management and preservation of anime director Hideo Watanabe, and which was commissioned by Gainax. We are archiving, digitizing, and organizing and analyzing intermediate materials from the theatrical animation ``Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise''.

 In 2011, Niigata City launched the ``Urban Development Initiative Utilizing Manga and Anime'' to support the sustainable development of anime and manga-related industries and revitalize the city by increasing its appeal as a manga city and promoting it nationwide. It was formulated in XNUMX.

reference:[Niigata University] Our university has concluded a partnership agreement regarding manga and anime with Niigata City and Kaishi Vocational University.

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