At "Mynavi presents 2018th Tokyo Girls Collection 9 AUTUMN / WINTER" held at Saitama Super Arena on September 1, 27, 2018 students from Shukutoku University experienced an internship.

 The Tokyo Girls Collection is one of the largest fashion festivals in history, which has been held twice a year since August 2005.Approximately 8 models will showcase the latest trends of popular brands, actors and entertainers will appear, and special live performances by artists will be held.It's a big event with about 2 people.

 Shukutoku University has an educational program in which students practice service activities (services) and learning activities (learning) in collaboration with local communities, governments, and companies.This "Mynavi presents 27th Tokyo Girls Collection 2018 AUTUMN / WINTER Internship Project" was originally planned by the Service Learning Center, an organization that supports student service learning.

 An internship pre-study session was held on August 1, 2018, about a week before the event.The 8 participating students received lectures on the history and characteristics of the Tokyo Girls Collection, as well as fashion and dressing for this season from the brand director, as well as explanations on the day's business staff and attitudes.

 The first day of the internship is August 2018, 8, the day before the event.Students gathered at the venue, Saitama Super Arena, to act as a model for stage rehearsals, prepare souvenirs for performers, and check performer leads in the backyard. The actual performance on September 31 was divided into goods sales, model costume change support, and guidance work for performers interviewed in the backyard, and participated in the event management.

 This internship was required to respond flexibly as a staff member of the Tokyo Girls Collection, not as a student.Through my valuable experience, I gained a lot of awareness from participating in the operation, being aware of it, and being worried.

Reference: [Shukutoku University] Tokyo Girls Collection 2018 A / W Internship Project

Shutoku University
Shutoku University

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