Kyoto Notre Dame University plans to open a ``Women's Career Design Academic Circle'' in April 2025 (subject to change).

 For 62 years, Kyoto Notre Dame University has produced graduates with both "virtue and knowledge" based on its pillars of international education, information education, and career education. The Women's Career Design Academic Circle, which is scheduled to be established in April 2025, will develop the thinking, planning, and presentation skills that are the foundation for carving out a path in life through learning languages, multicultural understanding, management, business, psychology, etc. - Train women who have the ability to use information, leadership, and followership.

 The enrollment capacity for the Women's Career Design Program is 30 students. Student fees are 200,000 yen for admission, 840,000 yen for tuition, and 340,000 yen for educational enhancement fees. Details will be announced on the official website in the future.

 There are two undergraduate departments with the word "career design" in their names at universities across the country: Hosei University Faculty of Career Design (enrollment capacity: 300 students) and Tokyo Keizai University Career Design Program (admission capacity: 50 students). If Kyoto Notre Dame University establishes a women's career design study ring, it will become the third such institution.

Reference: [Kyoto Notre Dame University] About the Women's Career Design Academic Circle*, newly established in April 2025

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