On February 2024, 2, Shizuoka Prefecture announced the basic concept for establishing Japan's first independent medical graduate school, (tentative name) Medical Graduate University.

 Shizuoka Prefecture has only one university medical school (medical department), Hamamatsu University of Medicine, and ranks 46th in the country in terms of the number of medical schools per capita. The number of doctors working in hospitals is also low, ranking 40th in the country, and the shortage of doctors and the uneven distribution of hospitals and medical departments are problems. Therefore, in order to improve the standard of medical care in the prefecture and secure more doctors, we established a preparatory committee for a medical graduate school (tentative name) made up of experts in March 2022, and have held discussions seven times. Based on this discussion, we proposed a basic concept to Governor Heita Kawakatsu.

 According to the basic concept, the Graduate School of Medicine (tentative name) will be established as Japan's first educational and research institution based on a medical institution rather than a university medical school, and will present a new medical research model.

 We will create an environment where students can earn both their degrees and specialist qualifications while living a stable life without leaving the clinical field. We provide an environment where students can continue to engage in clinical research and research even after graduation, and support them to continually improve their knowledge and skills. Faculty members are only responsible for graduate school education and research, as there is no doctor training course, allowing them to take on more advanced research.

 We will create a cross-sectional, interdisciplinary research group that goes beyond existing frameworks and explore interdisciplinary studies that will lead to new medical treatments, while also improving our clinical skills and research capabilities with a broad international perspective and deep academic knowledge. To train medical professionals who will continue to do so. Research fields include the field of clinical pathology elucidation (bioregulation, biological defense, developmental aging, neural control, cell cycle control), and the field of innovative medical creation (preemptive medicine, genomic medicine, regenerative medicine/organ reconstruction, drug discovery/ (clinical trials) and data science information medicine fields (genome cohort research, big data medical research).

 Shizuoka Prefecture will open the Shizuoka Graduate School of Social Sciences and Medicine in April 2023, and it is envisioned that the two schools will collaborate to promote research from the perspectives of both ``disease prevention'' and ``diagnosis and treatment.'' We will also promote collaboration with Shizuoka Prefectural University and Shizuoka University, which conduct research in non-medical fields such as pharmacy and engineering within the prefecture. An affiliated hospital is also needed as an educational training, research, and medical institution, and this will make full use of the functions of the prefectural hospital and actively return research results to the citizens of the prefecture.

 As of 2024, public graduate universities include the Graduate University of Information Science and Technology in Gifu Prefecture (opened in 2001), the Tokyo Metropolitan Graduate University of Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo (opened in 2006), and the Shizuoka Graduate School of Social Sciences and Medicine in Shizuoka Prefecture ( There are three schools (opened in 2021).

reference:[Shizuoka Prefecture] Basic concept for establishing a medical school (tentative name)

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