The Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Chiba University of Commerce (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture), which was established in April 2015, will carry out field work to visit Amami Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture, from June 4th to 6th.First-year students who learned about the nature, culture, and economy of Amami Oshima in the pre-lecture set a theme for each group, and the purpose was to rediscover Japan.

This fieldwork is the second fieldwork of our faculty, following the "Overseas Freshman Camp" held in Shanghai, China immediately after the entrance ceremony.Not only the knowledge on the desk, but also going out to study at home and abroad at an early stage will increase the motivation to learn for 2 years.In Shanghai, I visited the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai and Japanese companies and learned the importance of respecting local culture and customs from the experiences of people working globally.In addition, interact with local people and learn about history and culture.Through the stimulus I received in Shanghai and the experience of looking at Japan from a foreign country, I felt "I want to tell you about Japan!" And "What kind of country is Japan?" I went to the field work of.

 In this fieldwork, Mr. Tsuyoshi Asayama, the mayor, gave a lecture on "Amami's current situation and prospects" about Amami Oshima, which has nurtured unique nature and culture in Japan.We challenged the mud dyeing experience of Oshima Tsumugi, which is famous for traditional crafts.You can also experience Amami's unique nature by riding a canoe and advancing through the mangrove virgin forest to see the diversity of plants and organisms unique to the island.In addition, Mr. Koji Shibata, who is in charge of Asian strategy as a senior executive officer of ANA Holdings, from Kakeromajima, one of the Amami Islands, will be on stage.Based on my experience at the forefront of international business, a message was sent to students aiming to be active in the global society. Students will compile the results of the three-day fieldwork survey in each group and will present them in a poster session in the future.

Source:[Chiba University of Commerce] Amami Oshima Fieldwork
Overseas freshman camp.Experience a different culture in Shanghai.

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