Reitaku University will hold a program to learn about earthquake disaster education that incorporates the "pseudo-loss experience program" as a special lecture twice on November 2019th and December 11th, 6.Participants are faculty members, students, and the general public.

 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake.This program was designed as an opportunity to remind people of the memories that are beginning to weather in exchange for material restoration, and to reiterate and share the trauma that can only be faced over time.

 The first lecture, entitled "Memories of the Earthquake: Pseudo-Loss Experience Program," explains how irreplaceable things and people support the seemingly ordinary daily lives. Have them experience it.Lecturers are Mr. Masami Takahashi, who is a victim of the disaster and is developing a unique narrative activity that incorporates the method of "pseudo-loss experience program", and Tohoku Gakuin University College of Liberal Arts, Department of Regional Planning, who is also an advocate of "earthquake disaster studies". Professor Kiyoshi Kanebishi.

 The second is "Earthquake Studies <Now / Here>: Spirituality / Memory / Education".While looking back on the first program, guest speaker Professor Kiyoshi Kanebishi of Tohoku Gakuin University talked about the current situation of the prolonged earthquake disaster reconstruction, how the parties should recover from the traumatic experience, and how the earthquake disaster education should be in the future. Lecture.

 Assistant Professor Taihei Hanada of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Reitaku University, who was in charge of this project, said, "In school education, it is very important to know (learn) how to care for one's swaying heart that collides with the real world. Through the program, it is hoped that current students, who may have difficulty living not only in disasters but also in various environments, can get hints on how to live by listening to the stories of the victims. " Is sent.

 The venue is Reitaku University Kaede 1503 classroom.For general participation in this project, please apply by email to

reference:[Reitaku University] Introduction to Global Studies B Special Lecture Planning-Learn how earthquake disaster education should be with the "Pseudo-Loss Experience Program" -November 11 (Wednesday) 6th period (4: 14-50: 16)

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