Tokyo Future University (Adachi-ku, Tokyo) and Sanko Gakuen (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), which operates a vocational school for childcare workers nationwide, have been working as childcare workers since November 2015, even if they have childcare worker qualifications. We have started the operation of "Momoiku Zemi," a service site that supports the return of non-potential childcare workers to work.

 It is said that there are 60 potential childcare workers nationwide who leave the workplace because of wages or marriage, as the problem of waiting-list children who cannot enter the nursery school becomes more serious.In order to encourage such nursery teachers to return to work and secure the leaders of childcare, the school conducted a survey of about 2014 potential and actual nursery teachers last year.Based on the survey, we thought that it was important to remove the "anxiety" that confronts potential childcare workers and support employment, so we launched three service sites this time.

 The first is the e-learning "Momoiku Seminar".We provide a total of 1 chapters such as "human relations in the workplace", "correspondence to parents", and "how to manage children with allergies", which are the worries and anxieties of nursery teachers. One chapter is divided into 20 to 1 units, and one unit can be taken in about 2 minutes using a smartphone or computer.

 The second is "Momoiku Job," a matching site with childcare providers.It is a mechanism that is easy to use even for those who have once left the field of childcare or those who have qualifications but have no experience working as a childcare worker, and conditions such as "piano skills are not required" and "PC skills are not required" are set. You can also select and search.Some of the job offers can receive congratulatory money on condition that all the courses of "Momoiku Seminar" are completed.You can also use the posting function to receive career counseling.

 The third is "Momoiku Navi," which provides information that can be used in the field, such as how to make toys, illustration collections, and text templates for letters.Not only potential childcare workers who feel uneasy about their work and hesitate to return to work, but also new childcare workers who are worried about the amount of daily work can be supported.

 The school is working on these support services as a project commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, "Strategic promotion project for training core professional human resources in growth fields, etc."


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