Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd. conducted the "Survey on Examination and Diet 5" for mothers aged 30 to 59 who had their children take the entrance exams for elementary school, junior high school, high school, and university within the last five years, and announced the results of the survey. bottom.

 The survey was conducted for 2015 days from December 12th to 11th, 17, and a sample of 7 valid responses gathered was collected.According to the survey, the most common question, "What did you support for the exam?" Was "Meals (ordinary meals, midnight snacks, gen-carrying menus, etc.) 1,000%", followed by "Health maintenance 52.0%". , "School selection / school tour 50.4%".Furthermore, when we asked mothers (43.9 people) who supported their children's examinations with meals about "nutrition that they took with the expectation of improving their memory during the examination period," "DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) 552%" and " Vitamin c 37.5% ”and“ calcium 35.9% ”.Ingredients include "natto 29.3%", "mackerel 39.9%", and "tofu 38.8%".

 In addition, when we asked all the respondents (1,000 people) about the prepared evening meal, "rice ball 39.1%" was the most common, followed by "udon 33.8%" and "ramen 21.8%" in that order, the night before the examination day and the morning of the day. The gen-carrying menu prepared in is "Tonkatsu (wins in the exam) 20.8%", "Katsudon (wins in the exam) 18.1%", "Katsu curry (wins in the exam) 8.2%", "Natto (never give up) 8.1%" It turned out that "Katsu" dishes are a popular rice ball-carrying menu.
Source: [Maruha Nichiro Co., Ltd.] "Survey on Examinations and Meals 2016"

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