Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) is the "world's best small scale" announced on January 2016, 1 local time by Times Higher Education (THE), an information magazine for higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. In the Top 25 of "THE World's Best Small Universities", we were selected as the No. 20 university in Japan and the 1th place in the world.

 The university has a high ratio of the number of faculty members to the number of students, with one faculty member assigned to every three students, and a high index showing the quality of education and research, such as the number of citations of papers. Received a rating and ranked in. THE is one of the most widely used university evaluation indicators in the world, and the university announced in October 3 that it surveys more than 1 universities in the world without considering the size of the university. In the "World University Rankings", it is ranked 2015th in Japan and 10-1,000 in the world.

 Universities with a total of 5,000 students or less and universities conducting research and education in four or more of the six major academic fields (* 6) are selected for the "Ranking for selecting the best small universities in the world". , Universities that meet the three conditions of the top 1 universities in the "THE World University Rankings".From those universities, the top 4 schools are selected based on their own criteria, and THE staff explains the evaluation points of the 800 schools and the characteristics of the universities.
Phil Baty, editor of the World University Rankings, said of the ranking: "Small universities are potentially more intimate to students, faculty support and interest, and frankly, larger universities. So we can offer more opportunities to spend time with prominent professors who are too busy to take time. "

 The first place is the California Institute of Technology in the United States, which has also won the top spot in the "THE World University Rankings".The California Institute of Technology has the second lowest total number of students in the 1 small university rankings introduced this time.Among the top 20 places, from Japan, in addition to Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Yokohama City University ranked 2th and Tokyo Kaiyo University ranked 20th.

* 1: 6 fields of humanities / clinical medicine / engineering / technology / life science / natural science / social science

Yokohama City University

Walk with Yokohama.Traditional, international and enterprising academic style

The open, international, and enterprising academic style that is suitable for the opening of the country and port of Yokohama is still inherited as a tradition of Yokohama City University, and has produced many excellent human resources with practical skills."Wings from Yokohama to the world […]" to disseminate the results of advanced research and advanced medical care as a place for human education that cultivates rich culture, humanity, and ethics.

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Fostering industry-government-academia leaders who are active internationally in the marine field

Tokyokaiyo University, as the only marine university in Japan, develops education and research with the motto "Knowing the sea, protecting the sea, and using the sea: Voices from the Ocean".Industry-government […] that conducts comprehensive education and research on the ocean, centered on the training of researchers and highly specialized professionals, and is active internationally in the marine field.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Fostering excellent global medical personnel with rich humanity based on the history and achievements of close cooperation between medicine and dentistry

As Japan's only comprehensive medical graduate university, in the fields of medicine and dentistry, human resources who can play an active role on the world stage, a wide range of education and rich humanity, high ethical standards, creativity and pioneering ability to think and solve by oneself, internationality Foster human resources with leadership skills.Excellent faculty, excellent facilities, and a world-class curriculum […]

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