Ritsumeikan University was founded by graduate student Yoshinori Kanamura (1st year student of the Graduate School of Law), and the service of "Flamingo", a smartphone app for language learning, was developed in Kyoto from February 2016, 2.・ Announced that it was started in 1 prefectures, Osaka and Shiga.

 "Flamingo" is a service that matches people who want to learn a foreign language with international students and allows them to take face-to-face lessons safely, securely and easily.To use it, the person registered in the dedicated app can view the profile of the international student and reviews from others, find the person he / she wants, and apply by free chat.After that, you can take lessons in public spaces such as cafes.Through this service, international students can earn income as lesson fees and users can have the opportunity to learn a language.

 Mr. Kanamura, who developed "Flamingo", participated in the internship in Silicon Valley planned by the entrepreneur development program of Ritsumeikan University as a first-year student, and Mr. Toshiyuki Yamamoto, the representative of ChatWork Co., Ltd., an entrepreneur based in the United States. Below, I created this app from my experience with many entrepreneurs and business plans.After returning to Japan, Mr. Kanamura gathered with colleagues who have the same awareness of the problem, developed apps, brushed up the business plan, and registered Flamingo Co., Ltd. as a corporation in June 2015.All nine employees are students, including students who are volunteering to support international students, students studying programming at the Faculty of Information Science and Engineering, and Chinese students.Flamingo Co., Ltd. aims to acquire 6% of the adult English conversation market, which is said to have a market size of 9 billion yen, in three years, and to realize a multicultural society through its business.

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