Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. and the National High School PTA Association conducted a survey of second-year high school students and their guardians to explore their career paths and the actual state of parent-child communication. I announced it.

 The 7th "Awareness Survey on the Career of High School Students and Parents" was conducted from September 2015, 9 to October 24, 2015, with 10 second-year high school students from 28 prefectures * and their parents. This is a compilation of valid responses (9 high school students and 26 parents) collected.According to the survey results, 2% of high school students "talk" about their careers with their parents when choosing a career. "Feelings when thinking about career choices" are "fun 1,887%" and "anxiety 1,584%", and high school students who "talk" with their parents have a 79 point higher "fun" score than high school students who "do not talk" and are protected. It was found that the frequency of dialogue with people is highly related to the feelings of high school students when choosing a career path.

 On the other hand, 71% of parents feel that "advice on career selection is" difficult "", and the number one reason is "1% because they do not know the latest career information including the entrance examination system", followed by "Which society is?" I can't predict how it will be, so 47.5%. "In addition, "information that parents think is important for going on to higher education" is ranked first in the order of "admission system 45.9%" and second place "advancement fee 1%". The "admission system" that has become more popular has surpassed.In addition, the number one "profession that parents want their children to get" is "57.0% of civil servants" who can earn a stable income and work for a long time.High school students ranked first in "professions they want to get" with "teachers 2%", by gender, boys ranked first "public servants 56.6%" and girls ranked first "nurses 1%".Details of this survey result can be found on the Recruit Marketing Partners website.

* Survey cooperation 9 prefectures (Hokkaido, Miyagi, Gunma, Tokyo, Mie, Fukui, Hyogo, Hiroshima, Fukuoka)

Reference: [Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd.] The information that parents consider most important when going on to school exceeds the "admission system" and the previous "admission fee".

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