On February 2016, 2, the Department of Children's Health, Faculty of Health Production, Tokoha University held "Winter Children's Village" at the Hamamatsu Campus, with more than 6 local parents and children participating.The event "Children's Village", which is held four times a year, is held as part of a child-rearing support project to deepen exchanges between students and local parents and children, and is planned and operated by the students themselves.

 At this event, which was held at the end of this year, we plan a circuit training-style play in the gymnasium with the theme of "exercise and get warm in winter!"We also challenged a new attempt to group children by age, and the group of preschoolers experienced student-made quoits, bowling, and cardboard sledding, and the group of preschoolers and above experienced ball-like games and games. We held competitions for picking up sippo and obstacles.There were many children who were crazy about playing with short sleeves in a number of games designed to allow them to exercise their whole body while having fun.

 After exercising at the gymnasium, the participants were served pork soup with radish harvested in the field of the university, and in the afternoon, a concert "Mysterious Tane" was held by the 4th grade students of the department.Keisuke Setowaki (3rd year, Department of Children's Health), who is the mayor of Children's Village, said, "This time, I formed a group for each age for the first time, but everyone, including small children who could not run, enjoyed playing. I'm glad I took on the challenge. I would like to continue thinking about plans that will please the parents and children who participated. "
 In addition, the university also holds a weekly "Parent-Child Classroom Pocket" for parents and children before entering the kindergarten.The feature is that you can listen to the stories of expert teachers and interact with students who aim to become teachers in kindergartens and nursery schools.We also have programs that stimulate the five senses of children, such as parent-child contact play, rhythm, storytelling of picture books, hand play, infant work, and nature learning.

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