Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine has decided to establish the Female Graduate Student Encouragement Award (Seven Star Award) as a project to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its establishment, and selected the first winners.The award ceremony will be held at the General Assembly of the Gèn Alumni Association scheduled for May 1 for the purpose of training female leaders who are active in the fields of medicine and medical care.

 According to Tohoku University, the first prize winners are Minako Sakurai (pathological diagnosis), Yumi Kamibayashi (dermatology), and Aiko Ishiki (geriatrics).

 Tohoku University School of Medicine is celebrating its 100th anniversary and plays an important role in leading gender equality in the medical and scientific communities in the Tohoku region.For this reason, based on the philosophy of "opening the door" advocated by Tohoku University, we have welcomed girls as new students since the early Showa period and have produced a large number of female doctors and researchers.However, about 30% of all graduate students in the Graduate School of Medicine are female students.The gender gap is still large, and the proportion of female teachers is extremely low as the position of female teachers rises.

 We have created this award to overcome this situation and encourage female students to pursue their careers as researchers without giving up.The nickname of the award, the Big Dipper Award, is a wish to grow up as a female leader who guides people like the Big Dipper shining in the northern sky.
At the General Assembly of the Gèn Alumni Association, an award commemorative lecture will be held at the same time as the award ceremony.

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