The Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization has urgently released a manual to protect pregnant women at evacuation centers in response to the Kumamoto earthquake.It was created by Professor Junichi Sugawara of the Organization based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and divides the period after the earthquake into six stages and summarizes what evacuation center operators such as local governments should do.

 According to the manual, the evacuation shelter operator is required to confirm the name, age, and expected delivery date of the pregnant woman when preparing the evacuation shelter list 6 hours after the earthquake. After 6 to 72 hours, the pregnant women will be informed of the disaster situation, injuries, and hypothermia, and the evacuation center will be informed of the priority consideration given to the pregnant women.

 After 72 hours to 1 week, blood pressure and urine tests will be conducted in cooperation with the relief team, obstetricians and gynecologists and midwives will be notified, and if there is a more environmentally friendly evacuation center, it will be introduced. After one week to one month, pregnant women are asked to ask about their psychological conditions and provide information on obstetricians who can provide medical care. After 1 to 1 months, we will promote information transmission for a stable evacuation life, and after 1 months, we will arrange for regular medical treatment by medical institutions.

reference:[Tohoku University Tohoku Medical Megabank Organization] [Especially for people involved in evacuation centers in Kumamoto Prefecture] Information sharing manuals to protect pregnant women will be released urgently 04 / news20160415-03.html

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