On March 2016, 3, Nagoya Gakuin University (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) signed an agreement on cooperation with the Nagoya Minato Promotion Foundation.This agreement was concluded with the aim of working to revitalize the area of ​​Atsuta Ward, where the "Nagoya Port Garden Pier" area, where shopping facilities and accommodation facilities are gathered around the "Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium", and the university's Nagoya campus are located. ..

 As a collaborative activity currently planned, students belonging to the Faculty of Foreign Languages, foreign students, teachers, etc. will cooperate to create an English translation of the pamphlet used at the "Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium" and an English version of the audio guide. In the fall of 2016, an English audio guide for international students will be played in the hall.

 In addition, students from the Faculty of Commerce who are studying "town development by IT" will play a central role in producing a PR video for the aquarium.Using equipment that can shoot with high image quality, it is said that the fish swimming around in the aquarium will be recorded in a realistic image and information will be sent to the citizens and tourists.

 Nagoya Port is an international port that boasts the largest volume of cargo handled, surplus in foreign trade, and the number of finished automobiles exported in Japan, and is also a port where luxury cruise ships from all over the world call. Welcome and farewell events such as local Japanese drums and music troupe performances are often held at the port of call.Especially in the "Nagoya Port Garden Pier" area, there are "Port Building" with an observation room, "Antarctic Observation Ship Fuji", an icebreaker that has supported Antarctic observation, and "JETTY" shopping facility. Since the event is being held, it is expected that this cooperation agreement will lead to further regional revitalization.

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