A cardboard VR goggles "Milbox Touch" equipped with a touch interface and a compatible VR game application "Milbox Touch" jointly developed by WHITE Co., Ltd., which plans and develops IoT products with a research group of Professor Yoshiaki Miyashita of the Faculty of Comprehensive Mathematics, Meiji University. "ver. VR PAC-MAN" was released on April 2016, 4.

 "Milbox Touch" is a smartphone-mounted VR goggles equipped with a "Touch Interface Module" that applies the Extension Sticker technology, which is the research result of Meiji University.By touching the "Touch Interface Module" printed with conductive ink on the surface of the goggles, the user can perform operations such as tapping the smartphone installed inside the goggles from the outside of the goggles.

 Unlike conventional smartphone-mounted VR goggles that can only be operated by shaking the head, "Milbox Touch" enables touch operation with fingers, and it is expected to greatly expand the range of VR video experience and game experience. NS.The price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax). Sold on Amazon.

 In addition, the VR game application "Milbox Touch ver. VR PAC-MAN" is based on the popular game "Pac-Man" of the past.He himself jumps into the world of "Pac-Man" and goes through the maze from the perspective of Pac-Man.The feature is that you can feel as if you were being chased by a ghost.Also, if you select the normal mode, you can use it only with a smartphone.The price is 300 yen (tax included). Sold at the Google Play store (Android version).

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