The Department of Gastroenterology (Professor Ken Higashi), Kobe University Hospital, will start a joint study to commercialize a system that utilizes voice recognition technology for registering findings at the time of examination in the field of gastroenterology.

Collaboration of FUJIFILM Medical IT Solutions Co., Ltd. (FMI), NTT IT Co., Ltd. (NTT IT), and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT).

 In endoscopy in the department of gastroenterology, since both hands of the doctor are closed, it is common for the doctor to remember the findings or the nurse to record them and then register the system on a personal computer after the examination.In that case, since the findings are registered separately for a personal computer or the like after the inspection, the total inspection time tends to be long.In addition, since it is operated using a keyboard and a mouse, alcohol disinfection and hand washing before and after the operation are required to prevent nosocomial infections, which increases the burden on doctors.

 In August of last year, the Department of Gastroenterology and NTT of the same university prepared a simple finding pattern and evaluated the method of registering findings using voice recognition technology while performing a simulated endoscopy.As a result, a time saving effect of about 8 to 2% was recognized.A system for registering diagnostic names by voice has already been put into practical use in the medical field, but this time, we will focus on the database structure such as parts and diagnostic names registered in advance as a master table, and use natural sentences. We devised a method that allows you to register the diagnosis name etc. in the column by utterance, and automatically complements and registers even if the upper keyword is omitted.This made it possible to register findings naturally in a shorter time even during the examination.

 In the future, the four parties will proceed with joint studies toward the commercialization of an endoscopic information management system that utilizes voice recognition technology, and will realize keyboardless finding registration for the purpose of improving examination efficiency and preventing nosocomial infections. Aiming to create new value through "medical care x ICT".

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